Saturday, 15 January 2011

Speyside Life - Single Malt and Swedish Heavy Metal

During the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival, last October, I had the pleasure of hosting some tastings with one of the most passionate Glenfarclas fans I have met. What makes sharing a stage with Anders Fridén unusual is his day job as lead singer with Sweden’s infamous heavy metal band In Flames. The clash of cultures could not be greater. Whisky is traditional, and single malt does not get more traditional than Glenfarclas. Our brand conjures up images of green tweed, old school ties and brown suede shoes. The heavy metal world of dreadlocks, tattoos and body piercings is alien territory for me, but as the tasting progresses, this clash of cultures seems to work.  

Since forming in 1990 In Flames have been remarkably successful, selling more than two million albums. Their most recent album was named the Best Swedish Album of the decade by readers of Aftonbladet, Sweden’s national newspaper.  

What you might wonder appeals about Glenfarclas to a heavy metal star? Anders Fridén admires our spirit of independence, the Grant family’s passion for doing things their way. He sees parallels with the way In Flames has carved their niche. He also enjoys relaxing with a good dram, particularly after a night on stage. When someone who is a leader in their field comes to us with a real passion for our whisky, it is a pleasure to work with them.

Anders’ favourite Glenfarclas is the 105, and from The Family Casks, it is the 1973, by coincidence also his year of birth. And my favourite In Flames track; check out Come Clarity on you tube….

A Speyside life is anything but ordinary.

Robert Ransom
January 2011

Anders on stage - left

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